Christina Perri – roses in the rain



Intro : C G/B Am G F G C


C       G/B    Am        G

 monday morning, see the children

F         Em     Dm

 on their way to school

C           G/B     Am   G        D/F#

 clouds are hangin’ low around my heart,


the air is cool..

F                       C

 i’ve got the strangest feelin’

         F             D/F#

like i’m waiting for a train..

C        G/B     Am

 lookin’ out the window

G      F     G          C

at the roses in the rain..


Interlude : C G/B Am G F G C


C          G/B       Am      G

 i walked around the supermarket

F       Em   Dm

talking to myself

C         G/B      Am      G

the man behind the counter asked me

D/F#           G

if i need some help

F                     C

 i knew that he could see it

       F                   D/F#

but he didn’t know what to say

C           G/B       Am

 so i asked him if he knew

 G        F     G          C

about the roses in the rain..


Interlude : C G/B Am G F G C


C      G/B  Am     G

 maybe in a little while

     F        Em     Dm

i’ll put some coffee on

C           G/B       Am        G

 can’t stop wonderin’ where the spirits

D/F#             G

go when they are gone

F               C

 maybe it was tomorrow,

       F         D/F#

but it felt like today..

C        G/B    Am

 you and i were walkin’..

F       Em    D

you and i were walkin’..

C        G/B    Am

 you and i were walkin’

G           F    G       C

through the roses in the rain..


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